2017 Season Program


German Romantics
Saturday 8th April 7.30pm

Dive deep into the luscious music of the German Romantics, with this celebration of the rich beauty of choral voices.


Saint Nicolas
Sunday 23rd July 3.00pm

A journey across time: from the sublime, soaring melodies
of Hildegard von Bingen to the sunshine of J.S. Bach, and on to Benjamin Britten. 


Dido & Aeneas
Saturday 7th OctobeR 7.30pm

Music and poetry dance together in the madrigals of Marenzio and Palestrina, savouring the pleasures of Spring and the sweet delights of love. But when love turns to loss, music turns grief into healing beauty in two exquisite laments by Monteverdi and Purcell. 

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